Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving break day 5, 6, &7

Wednesday was another pie making day. We also made it over to the library before it closed, so Zoe could find a good book to read, and I was able to pick up 24 Christmas books without the kids noticing. :-)
Zoe and Emily were supposed to sleep over at my parents' home, but since my mom was getting over the flu, I had the feeling they should wait to sleep over.
Matt hurt his neck on Tuesday and was in pain on Wednesday and could barely move his neck, but he still went to work.

Thanksgiving Day started around 3:15am when Zoe woke me up to tell me that she threw up in her bed (I guess this was why I had the feeling Zoe and Emily should stay home). The mess wasn't too bad to clean up since she threw up on her quilt, but it was still not fun to clean up. In the morning, we all seemed to be suffering a bit in some way, but we pressed on and enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast with my parents at Bugaboo Creek.

Zach was not impressed with his Thanksgiving dinner...

We went over to my parents' home after dinner. We took separate cars to the restaurant in case someone needed to leave early, but we were happy no one needed to. Matt, Zoe, and Emily saw 2 eagles on their way home. At my parents', Mom and I played Phase 10, while the kids played and watched movies, and Matt watched football and slept. Zoe and Emily slept over since no one had the feeling they shouldn't. They just got home and mom is here to watch the kids while Matt and I go out. :-) I've been working on my Sunday School lesson all day, as well as taking care of Eleanor, Zach, Kate, and Noah. Matt went to work.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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Kris said...

I'm glad you 'pressed on' and were able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner! Eleanor's hair is so cute, she is a photogenic girl. I also like the boys' hats! Very cool. It sounds like a fun day (overall!)