Tuesday, November 11, 2008

4 months old...a few days ago

The kids are home today for Veterans' Day. Eleanor has been up since 5am with an upset stomach and she has thrown up once (in the toilet, yay!). I blamed her illness on the birthday cake at first, but then I remembered that she drank from a water bottle yesterday that we keep water in for the iron. That is more likely the cause. I hope she recovers quickly. I was planning on having a lazy day today with the kids, so this is a great excuse to do just that.

Kate was so cute yesterday when she heard a minor crash in the bedroom from one of the girls and she yelled down the hall, "Are you alright?...are you alright?...are you alright?" Of course she was saying this with her binkie in her mouth. I keep thinking I need to hide her binkies during the day, but she is so attached to them that I haven't been able to force myself to do it.

Noah turned 4 months old on Saturday! Matt fed Noah his first cereal and I took lots of pictures.

He is done!
I fed him Sunday night, but little went into his mouth because he kept clamping it shut. He was more willing to open his mouth last night, so I think he actually swallowed some cereal.


Cindy said...

I can hardly believe he's 4 months old already! Happy (late) birthday and congrats on your new calling, too.

Janae said...

Cute cereal pictures! I hope that Eleanor feels better soon:)

Gabriela said...

Awwwww. That reminds me of when we started giving food to Pedro.

His eyes are beautiful.

Glad the vomit made it into the toilet-your day could have started a lot worse! Hope she's better soon.

Dawn said...

I have some cute sweet potatoe pictures to come. Fun times!

The months are just flying by!

Kris said...

I hope Eleanor is feeling better... that's not fair to be sick on a school holiday!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes, the old food goes in-food goes out routine. Classic.