Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Almost done

Matt's part of the trial ended yesterday. He got home last night around 6:40. Mom, Zoe, and I were playing a game of Phase 10 while Emily, Eleanor, and Zach drew pictures and played. It was nice to be all together again. It was also nice this morning having Matt here to help with the kids, and he is now waiting with Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor for the bus. I would say things are back to normal, but the jury still needs to make their decision, so who knows how many hours and days that will take. I'm hoping the decision will be made before tomorrow night, so I don't have to take all the kids to my last Achievement night. We'll practice our play tomorrow night and then perform it Sunday, November 30th during 3rd hour of church. That's going to be the attention activity leading into a lesson/discussion about the word of wisdom for the combined Priesthood/Relief Society class. Sunshine is now the Primary counselor over the Achievement girls, so she is going to be in charge of their activities when the play is done. :-)

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Kris said...

Yay for Matt, yay for the last achievement night!