Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm a survivor

Will someone tell me why Eleanor wakes up before 6am on the weekends, but I have to wake her up for school?

Since I'm writing this, you know that I survived my first Sunday School lesson. We are behind on our lessons, so I taught lesson #41, which focused on words of Isaiah and Malachi. The fact that my first lesson focused on Old Testament prophets stressed me out. The fact that I hadn't been to Sunday School class in 4 years stressed me out. I'm used to singing Primary songs, coloring, and teaching wiggly children. The fact that there was so much material in the lesson to cover and I knew we wouldn't get to it all stressed me out. I did it though. I was determined to teach my first lesson no matter what and I did. Getting through the first lesson was critical. There are topics and scriptures I wish we would have discussed yesterday, but it's water under the bridge and I need to focus on next week's lesson. I taught next week's lesson several years ago as a sub and it's the lesson we had in Belfast last month, so I'm less nervous about teaching it.

On a different note, here is a picture of Zoe's pasta skeleton she brought home last week...

Very creative!

Matt is optimistic that his trial will be done on Tuesday. That would be nice!

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