Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Mail

I received a survival kit from Janae today. What a pleasant surprise! There were so many yummy things to make and eat, and fun things to do. Thank you so much Janae! The time, money, and thoughtfulness that you put into this kit is appreciated. As I took everything out of the box, my heart was full of gratitude and love. :-)

This should be our last night without Matt. We watched "A Little Princess" this evening. I've seen this version before, but the girls hadn't. They loved it! Well, Eleanor was sobbing when Sarah's Dad didn't recognize her and Eleanor said she hated the movie, but when it was over she said she loved the beginning and the end, so I would say it was just that one part that she didn't like.

The girls have 3 1/2 days of school left this week and then they have 9 days off. Yes, you read that right 9 days off for their Thanksgiving break (that includes 2 weekends). I will definitely be needing this kit to survive their vacation!


Katie said...

That is good mail! Leave it to Janae, she is the best present giver! I am in shock over the length of your thanksgiving break! That's crazy! Enjoy the mail.

Dawn said...

What a thoughtful gift! That is fabulous.

I would NOT like 9 day Thanksgiving breaks! THe university gets that, but public school only gets Thursday and Friday. I'm hoping Kristen gets the whole week off from school work, as Kevin does.

Kris said...

That is a great package!

I'm glad your lesson went well and that Matt may hopefully be done soon!

Kristy said...

Janae told me about the package she sent you! Janae is awesome. I am glad that Matt will be home!

Calandria said...

That was thoughtful! I see she included Princess Academy. Great book!

Janae said...

I'm so glad you liked your package:) I hope Matt will be home soon and you can use it while the kids are out of school...that is a VERY long break! I am glad your Sunday lesson went well:)