Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good Night

I am amazed at how good I feel after my 14 hour day alone with the kids. Eleanor woke up this morning right at 5:59 (the exact time the alarm goes off in the morning during the week) yelling, "". I was annoyed because A)Eleanor was awake and B)she was going to wake up her siblings yelling to me. I got up and asked her what she wanted. She wanted to know if it was time to get up or not. I told her no and she said good because she was tired. I knew Eleanor would not go back to sleep, so I decided to get started on my 2 goals for the day...laundry and finishing my preparation for my Sunday School lesson. Eleanor got up after she noticed I was up and then it wasn't long before everyone was up. It took me until about 3:30pm to accomplish my goals in between feedings, diaper changes, refereeing, and dropping Zoe off/picking Zoe up from Hailey's birthday party. I have been blessed with a good attitude today (even though Eleanor woke me up at 5:59) and it has lasted all day long and still exists.

Stopping to write this has made me realize how tired I am and Noah just woke up. When I write again, I will have my first Sunday School lesson over with. Yay!


Gabriela said...

I hope your class went well. I'm sure it did.

Way to go on staying upbeat. I would be a grouch all day if I had to get up at 5:59.

Kris said...

I'm excited to hear about your lesson! I'm glad you had a good day.