Thursday, November 06, 2008

Getting kids to sleep in random places 101

Going to get work done on the Yukon, stopping at the grocery store, picking Eleanor up at Cheerleading, and going to church for Achievement left no time to put Kate down for a nap today. Neglecting nap time is when I find my kids asleep in strange places. Kate just couldn't keep her eyes open this afternoon (for the brief time we were home) while watching Zach play on the computer.

She came close a few times to falling out of her chair, so I put her on Zoe's chair.

These pictures still aren't as cute as Pedro's spaghetti picture, Gabriela!


Kris said...

That is cute! What a busy day. I had to go look at the spaghetti picture too... that is so funny. Falling asleep mid-noodle. Leif is my child who will fall asleep anytime, anywhere. I love it. How nice would it be!

Gabriela said...

See???? You're kids are always doing this. And I think they do rival Pedro's photo. :)

Dawn said...

PEdro with spaghetti coming out of his mouth - too cute! But Kate's about to fall off the chair - much better in Zoe's. Precious.

I am curious as to how they know the trial will take exactly 3 weeks.

Janae said...

Too cute...I love that hat she has on!