Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Break Day 4

The kids & I spent the morning looking at pictures in their scrapbooks and on the computer. Seeing them get excited as they remembered different things we have done made me realize that it doesn't matter what the picture looks like really, it's the memories the picture brings out that counts. The kids love looking at their baby pictures. Emily was offended that I didn't take a picture of her at a wedding we went to a few years ago. Oops. She wanted to know what she wore. We'll never know.

I made a pumpkin pie for Matt today. Sometimes I make him pumpkin pies throughout the month of November, but this was the first one I have made for him this year. I also did laundry today. I accomplished both of these tasks with a very cranky Noah. He cried all day and would only be happy for five minutes at a time, if that. I would put him down and settle into a task and then he would start crying. Rachael told me this evening that she spent the day cleaning her house. That sounded heavenly to me because she did it without any interruptions!

Pie Night was fun and the pies were YUMMY! The kids enjoyed the pies, but I think they had more fun playing with their friends. I spent some time setting up for the play the Achievement girls will be performing on Sunday.

It is a dark, stormy night and we keep losing our power, but I have managed to write this post without interruption...from the storm that is, I did stop to change Noah's diaper. A task I didn't want to accomplish in the dark!


Janae said...

I'm hoping your power stays on:)
My goal is to get my pictures into some kind of books. The kids LOVE to look at their pictures. That's so great you have yours in books!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a fun day. I hope Noah feels happier today!

Kris said...

yay for pie night, I hope your power was on today! have a happy thanksgiving!