Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Books

It is almost time to wrap up 24 Christmas books for the Christmas countdown. This is on my mind because the librarian yesterday pointed out the new spot for the Christmas books. The library is where I get most of my Christmas books to wrap up. So, if you have children or grandchildren who love to be read to, love to unwrap things, and are very excited for Christmas than I suggest the Christmas books countdown for you!
1) Get 24 Christmas books
2) Wrap 24 Christmas books individually (using lots of different wrapping paper makes it more exciting!)
3) Find a basket or spot to keep the books throughout the month of December (Out of children's reach is wise)
4) December 1st-24th, let your child pick a book to open each day. Read the book to your child/children. (I have my children draw names to see who will pick first and so on.)

*We also read "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve. I also come up with other Christmas countdown activities, so each child has something to do each day. Can you believe December 1st is right around the corner?

News on the home front
The jury was sent home at 9pm last night and they will continue their deliberations today. Matt was able to work in his office yesterday, but had to be ready to leave when the phone call came from court. He will do the same thing today.

Zoe is home sick today. She had an upset stomach last night and it's still not better. I encouraged her to go to school this morning and she wanted to go, but after she got ready and was laying on the floor with little energy, I told her she was staying home. So, I'm canceling Achievement tonight and hopefully we'll have our last practice on the 29th.


PJ said...

I love your book countdown:) I can't believe it's almost time already!

Anonymous said...

That's a wicked cute idea! I know, I can't wait for December to get started. On Dec. 1st, I have only two weeks left of school. SWEET!

Kris said...

I hope Zoe bounces back quickly!

That is funny, today all of the Christmas books were out at the library and I thought about your book idea! I might try it this year. I love the idea, I'm just not sure about all that wrapping.

Janae said...

I love this idea Joey! I am thinking about trying it, if I can get the energy to wrap all the books:)