Sunday, November 09, 2008

A birthday and a new calling

I turned 34 yesterday! The first thing on my birthday agenda was to pick up Rachael for her baptism and attend her baptism, which included speaking about baptism before she got baptized. What I had written out for a talk didn't feel right, so I ended up abandoning the talk and relying on the spirit. Very stressful, but I felt good after my talk. I brought Rachael home after the baptism and then headed over to my parents' home for my birthday celebration. Matt and Zach were waiting in the driveway when I pulled in. Matt had taken Zach to work with him. My mom had taken Zoe and Emily with her after the baptism to the grocery store and they weren't back yet. I have a key to my parents' house, but the door I have a key to was blocked with wood. We waited outside for a bit and then my dad pulled in. Not long after, my mom drove in and we unloaded the groceries and cooked the lobster and salmon for dinner. What a yummy dinner it was! Well worth the wait. I opened many wonderful cards and received money to spend, yay! Zoe made me a beautiful necklace. The birthday cake was cute and delicious!

Matt left with Zach and I got the kids in the Yukon and went for my keys. Where are my keys? After searching everywhere I thought they could be, I realized that Matt must have them. He got Zach into our house and then had to get Zach back in the car and drive back to my parents' house to give me my keys. The first thing on my to-do list tomorrow is to put the spare key back on the Yukon.

Aimee was released today as the Primary President, so I was released as her counselor. I was called to teach the adult Sunday School class. I am excited and nervous at the same time. It has been 4 years since I have been in Sunday School and the teacher that got released today, Cathie McCoy, is an AWESOME teacher. I'm sure once I have a few Sundays under my belt I won't be so nervous, but next Sunday is going to be stressful. Dodie Sullivan is the new Primary President with Courtney Wilson and Sunshine Barrett as her counselors, and Jae Lee as the secretary. The Primary kids are going to love their new presidency as they get to know them, and vice versa.


Katie said...

Well, happy birthday! looks like you had a good day and I must say you look very loved from those pics. Good luck with your new calling!!

Kris said...


I'm glad you had a good day and an awesome dinner. Cute pictures... as I looked at each one I kept thinking, she looks SO YOUNG! Someday soon people will start to confuse you and Zoe for sisters instead of mother & daughter.

And your new calling sounds great! I think that would be such a great calling because it would force you, I mean give you the opportunity, to really study & ponder the scriptures. A lot. You will do great!

♥Shally said...

Happy birthday!!

That calling sounds fun!

Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a nice celebration with all the kiddos!

And that would be a cool calling. I bet you'll do great at it.

MJ said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm so jealous you got to have lobstah for your birthday!

I know you'll be awesome at your new calling.

Say hi to everyone for me, please! I miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like it was awesome!

It must be nice to be with people your own age... hahaha! Now all you have to do is get your husband back in the pew with you.

Phaedra said...

Happy Birthday!!! 34 is a good age...I have about 4 months experience:D

Good luck on that calling, I don't know life outside of Primary!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday! You're exactly one month older than Kristen.

Ave said...

Very cute cake and pictures. I haven't been in adult Sunday school for a long time either, 8 years for me. You'll be a great teacher!

Janae said...

Happy Birthday Joey! It looks like you guys had a great day:) I love all the pictures. That baby is looking big. It's amazing how fast they grow! So glad you had a nice day:)