Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Notes

So, Eleanor did recover quickly yesterday. She denies throwing up. Matt was the one to rush her down to the bathroom. From what I heard, it sounded like she was throwing up...but according to her she didn't, so that's that.

The fact that I am teaching Sunday School on Sunday has been constantly on my mind. I enjoy preparing the lesson, but when I'm not preparing the lesson, I'm stressing about teaching. I'm also concerned about the cold I have that is affecting my voice. It takes more effort than usual to talk and my voice is softer and deeper. Not good for my first Sunday teaching!

Kate fell asleep on me this afternoon while Emily was reading to me. I put her on my chair and she took a nap. Zoe observed that Kate moves around a lot when she sleeps.

Again, neglecting nap time will result in my toddler taking matters into her own hands...right before dinner.

Kate insisted on wearing layers today. She wore 2 pairs of pants to story time and she is wearing 2 shirts in the picture above. That is a lot of future laundry you are wearing, Miss Kate!

Zoe hurt her hand today during recess. She fell while playing tag and bent her fingers back when she landed on her right hand. She can move her fingers, but they are very sore.

I keep trying to convince Zach that Kate wasn't put on this earth for him to whack on the head constantly, but he won't listen to me. Today, he discovered he can yank on Kate's hair and make her cry even more. Ugh.


Kris said...

I'm glad Eleanor is feeling better... I hope you are feeling better soon too!

Cindy said...

I'm glad Eleanor is feeling better, too. It's funny how kid's will deny being sick, mine would do the same thing. I love the pictures, too! Too cute.

Dawn said...

Kate certainly is an adaptable little sleeper!

Poor little thing, with Zach using her head as a drum!

Ave said...

That is a good one Jo. How do your kids sleep so soundly?