Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Still Unfair

When I woke up this morning and realized that it was raining out, I was happy because that meant I didn't have to wake the kids up for water safety class.  We got home super late last night from the fair, which was super fun!, so nobody was looking forward to getting up before 8am.  Then I thought of Matt and how his canoeing trip would be starting off in the pouring rain.  :-(  Hopefully, the sun came out for Matt and his Zion's Camp crew this afternoon like it did here.

Everything went great at the fair yesterday, except for losing track of Noah for a few seconds.  I told him that I was scared when I couldn't find him and then I asked him if he was scared too, he said, "Yup."  Then laughing he said, "I didn't even know you were lost!"  I am grateful that he wasn't lost for very long!

We relaxed and watched the Olympics today.  Swimming has been my favorite event to watch so far.  Gymnastics and diving have been fun to watch, too.  I brought Zoe to Young Women's this evening.  She was the only young woman there.  Patti & Zoe went to buy fabric to make quilts.  The young women will earn different fabric squares for making good choices like going to the temple, doing Personal Progress, reading scriptures, doing service, etc and then the young women will make a quilt with their squares.  There was an article in the April 2012 New Era called "Patchwork of Progress" where the young women did the exact same thing.  It is a great way for the young women to learn and grow in the gospel and to make a memorable quilt.  :-)

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