Saturday, August 25, 2012

Birthday Pictures & More

Lookin' cool on the last pool day
Zoe participated in the Knights of Columbus soccer challenge this morning.
The kids kicked the ball into the net and received points for when it went into the 4 corners.

Zoe and the other participants will go on to the state challenge next month in Bangor.

When I got home, Noah was anxious for me to see Matt's lasso skills.  Soon, all of the kids wanted Matt to catch them!

 The shots I got of the kids waiting for the rope to catch or hit them are hysterical!

 Ready or not, here it comes!

We celebrated my Mom's 63rd Birthday today!
Grandkids are the light of her life!

We all looked forward to her yummy cake!

We love you Grammie (Mom)!

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