Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I love to eat the temple?

Zoe & Emily went to their water safety class this morning. Their instructor's family is visiting and they are all lifeguards, so they helped out today. Zoe & Emily tried some sychnorized swimming with the rest of the class. :-)

I took the kids to the Teddy Bear Picnic at our library this morning. My kids get excited about storytime if it involves bringing a teddy bear with you! The honeycomb cereal & juice are also great motivators! The Mattson daughters always do a great job reading to the kids. They have been reading at our annual Teddy Bear picnic for 15 years now! Their mother, Helen Mattson used to read to the kids before she passed away. That was before our time. I've only known the daughters and their dad, who passed away a few years ago.

The rest of our day was spent at church. I met with Sunshine to go over some cub scout things. Then we ate lunch and played a few rounds of knockout with the missionaries. There were 6 missionaries there for a meeting. Then we did some cleaning since it is our week to do so. The kids didn't want to help until McDonald's became their reward. Then I had 6 great helpers! We watched Shark Week on the TV at McDonald's. It was not the best thing to be watching while eating! But of course our eyes were glued to the TV! We went back to church, so Zoe could go to Young Women's. They made temples with mini marshmallows and frosting. So cute! We ended up with 3 temples and 2 of them have been gobbled up already! I haven't let them touch Zoe's temple yet.

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