Monday, August 27, 2012

Rise & Shine

School starts next Tuesday, but we started getting up early today.  I was up at 5:00 to go for a walk.  It was peaceful, but a bit freaky.  It is light enough to see at that time, but dark enough that I can hear animals moving around in the woods.  I really don't want a porcupine or a skunk to cross my path!  The kids got right up today, but I think they will be dragging tomorrow.  I probably will be too!

I watched Mary's kids today, so my kids enjoyed having friends to play with.  They watched "Minor Details", they played on the wii, they played outside, they found a pet snake (that eventually died), they played legos & other fun indoor games, they ate lunch and Zoe & Madie made brownies for everyone, and they got each other wet with the hose.  It was a fun day!

We ate dinner as a family and then we had our second portion of Family Home Evening.  Matt brought home cookies for the treat.  All of the kids loved the chocolate chip and some of the kids liked the oatmeal raisin.  Then we went to the waterfront to go for a walk.  It was a bit windy, but it was still a beautiful evening.  With Emily's help, we found the Geo cache.  She had found it before with her friend, Ansley.  We added our name to the list and then we moved on to the fountain to make wishes.  It was fun to get out as a family and to enjoy a walk together.  :-)

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