Thursday, August 16, 2012

Business for the Tooth Fairy

No swimming lessons today due to rainy weather. We went to the "Dinosaur" pool in the afternoon. We enjoyed homemade pizza together as a family this evening. :-)

Kate lost her 1st tooth this morning! This bummed Zach out since he hadn't lost his 1st tooth yet, BUT Matt helped Zach get his loose tooth out this evening. So, the Tooth Fairy will be visiting both of them tonight. :-) All of our children have lost a tooth now. Zoe pointed out at dinner that she has lost all of her teeth. Then Noah asked Zoe how she was going to eat her pizza!

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Martie said...

Wow! Two in one day! I remember when all of our boys were young and we kept the tooth fairy very, very busy. It sounds like your kiddos gave the tooth fairy lots of exercise!