Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last Beach Day

We had a great last beach day today at Craig Pond!  The weather was perfect and fun friends joined us.  Thank you Andrea, Jack, Harry, Victoria, Christy, Lexie, Jade, Mason, Jenn, Hayden, Connor, Lauren, Colby, Patrick & the many frogs that were caught for making today so awesome!

We went to Kate's Kindergarten Open House this evening!  She has anxiously awaited this day!  Kate is our first Kindergartener to not have Mrs. Pelletier, so it was weird going to a different classroom.  Kate's teacher, Mrs. Peters is just as awesome as Mrs. Pelletier, though!  Kate is going to have a fun year!  Kate loved the baby doll area & the doll house area.  Mrs. Peters' 81 year old mother got the doll house set up for the Open House.  She will be visiting Kate's class every Friday.  She sounds like a sweet, sweet lady.  :-)  Kate is excited and nervous about starting school. I think she will adjust quickly once school starts on Tuesday.

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