Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Both the Young Women and the Activity Day girls made treats with rice crispies this evening. The Young Women made this awesome torch. They also used fruity pebbles. Zoe took some pictures of it and then they gobbled it up!

The Activity Day girls made a butterscotch rice crispy snack and then they went outside and talked about the plan of salvation.
After the activities, Zoe, Emily, Eleanor & I went over to my parents' house to watch the movie "Charly" with them. Zoe & Emily just read the book and they loved it! As of last Sunday, they are devouring Jack Weyland books! I loved reading these books when I was a teenager. I'm glad my Mom held on to the books for my kids. :-)
Zoe bought herself a new iPod! It arrived while she was out having fun with Breanna & Cassie. After the last water safety class for this summer, Zoe played basketball with her friends and their Dad. Then they went swimming, ate pizza & then had ice cream for dessert. This has been a fun day for Zoe!

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