Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shop 'til you drop

I took the kids school shopping today.  Zoe's friend Caitlin went with us, too.  It would have been nice to take the kids one or two at a time, but realistically that wasn't going to happen.  We had a full day in 3 different stores.  I'd like to say that we are done, but there are a few more pairs of sneakers to buy.

I took Zoe & Caitlin to the Speranza's back to school bowling party when we were done shopping.  Kristen, Kayla, Alex, Jon, Zoe & Caitlin all had a fun time!  I took a much needed nap in the car!  Matt, Eleanor, Zach, Kate & Noah ate yummy terriyaki chicken for dinner and hung out at home.  The kids were tired, too from shopping!  Emily went over to Cassidy's house.

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