Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Perfect Pond Day

Zach, Kate, Noah & I had a fun time at Craig Pond today!  The kids put their life jackets on and we swam out into the deep water.  We found a rock to stand on that wasn't far from the shore, but it was deep enough that the kids couldn't touch.  They had fun playing on it when I got out of the water.  They also had fun playing with Noah's beach toys.  It was such a beautiful day today!

Zoe, Emily & Eleanor opted to stay home and play on the wii.  They missed out on a fun adventure!

Noah had his 4 year checkup this afternoon.  He is healthy and doing well.  He didn't cry when he got 3 shots.  He was very brave like Kate and he just mentioned the fact that the shots hurt a bit.  Can you believe that this was my last time taking a 4 year old to get 4 year old shots?  I can't!

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