Friday, June 01, 2012

Bike Riding & More

Kate, Noah & I went outside this morning for some glitter fun!

Kate also wanted to ride her bike while we were outside. I took the training wheels off yesterday, but she needs to master the strider bike before she can master her bike. Zach discovered yesterday that he can ride a bike now! He mastered the strider bike and made an easy transition to a regular bike. :-) He is so excited! Kate is frustrated that Zach can ride her bike, but she can't!

My Yukon is fixed, inspected, registered and home! I wasn't planning on registering the Yukon today, but since the registration ran out yesterday, it needed to be registered, so Dave could put the inspection sticker on it. When it rains, it pours!

Eleanor & Zach had step up day at school. Zach toured his new school at Miles Lane and he met his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Cressey. Zach loves her already! Eleanor is less enthused about her 4th grade teacher, Mr. Craven. I suspect that she is really not thrilled about 2 hours of math, 20 minutes of reading homework (which she had to do this year) & a male teacher in general. I will keep a close eye on her at the beginning of next year to see how she is doing.

Matt & I watched "Captain America" this evening. He was supposed to go on a canoe trip this weekend, but it ended up getting cancelled.

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