Monday, June 25, 2012


Getting Zoe & Aly to camp today was quite an adventure!  I was hoping that she would be able to get a ride with Tiffany and until 6:30 this morning, that was a possibility.  That was plan A.  To meet Tiffany at church, so she could pick up Zoe & Aly.  Now, we were on to plan B.  I would take Zoe & Aly to Camp Natarswi in the yukon.  I was hoping to not have to make this long trip in the yukon, but it had to be done.  On our way to pick up Aly, my check engine oil level light came on.  GRRRR!  This is normal for my yukon, but we were off to a late start and Zoe & I were already grumpy and stressed.  Now, I would have to stop to buy oil and stop at Matt's work to have him add the oil.  This will turn out to be a positive thing for the future because on the way to Matt's office, I realized how silly it was to have to stop to have Matt add the oil.  I should know how to do it.  Unscrew the engine oil cap, add the oil, put the cap back on.  Done.  Got it.  It was fun to see Matt, though. My Mom heard that I was driving to camp, so she called to offer plan C.  I would meet her to switch cars and she would take the kids to her house, so they wouldn't have to endure a long car ride.  Plan C sounded awesome, so I went with it.  :-)  We got to camp earlier than I thought we would.  Yay for the new 75mph speed limit going north past Old Town!  We were late, but we beat Tiffany.  :-)  The ride back by myself was quite delightful! 

Zoe was stressed about being late and not getting a bunk next to Aly and with the other Ellsworth girls.  Being with strangers didn't bother her (she acknowledged that she would get to know them and then they would be friends), it was not being with Aly that she was worried about.  I love Zoe's ability to make friends easily.  It is a great skill to have!          

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