Saturday, June 09, 2012

My Wish Came True!

We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day.  :-)  It was in the 70's, so not as hot as I heard it would be.  It was perfect.

I had a stressful morning getting Zach to Finn's birthday party and deciding what to buy Finn, but it all worked out in the end.  It took Zach awhile to join in the birthday fun, but he had a great time once he did!  He loved drawing ninja people on the paper tablecloth.  There was pin the weapon on the ninja and a ninja pinata.  Don't forget the yummy pizza and cake!

We finally made it to a High School softball game!  Our girls won 5-0.  Yay!  They will play in the Eastern Maine Championship game on Tuesday.  :-)  Eleanor enjoyed spending some of her birthday money at the concession stand.
 She took Zach with her and rewarded his companionship.
 Life is GOOD!
It really stinks, though when you don't have birthday money and no one is sharing with you!
Emily had fun catching up with her friend, Tessa.
It was such a nice afternoon for a ball game.  :-)

Zoe & Matt spent the afternoon volunteering at Special Olympics.  We all met at my parents house for dinner.  We love Dad's new grill!

The time out bag of toys is full and we are now filling up a 2nd bag.  The kids have earned back toys here and there, but we need to dedicate a chunk of time soon for them to earn back what they want to keep.  The rest is going to Goodwill or the dump.

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Martie said...

Doesn't beautiful weather make all the difference?? We had a couple of beautiful days too, but now we are back to 50s and rain. We'll make the best of it, but I sure love 70s and sunshine! Enjoy!