Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Beach Party Lunch & Softball

Eleanor made this paper shirt in Art class to hang up during the beach party lunch.  Kate loved the shirt! 

The kids are encouraged to wear summer attire during the beach party lunch, such as flip flops and sunglasses.  There are special prizes and treats.  The kids at the Miles Lane school get serenaded by a steel drum band while they eat.  FUN!  At Zach's school (Jewett), the kids brought their beach towels and ate on the gym floor.

Matt took Zoe to Young Women's this evening.  Zach went with Matt to help him clean the church during Zoe's activity.  I hear that Zach worked hard and he was a HUGE help!  The rest of us went to Emily & Eleanor's 1st playoff softball game.  Out of 4 teams, our team is #1 and they won this evening.  Yay!  Now we don't play again until next Tuesday, so we get Saturday off.  :-) 


Kris said...

Oh my goodness, you guys have been busy. I got a week behind on reading your blog and can't believe all that has gone on! It sounds like everyone is doing great things! Music, softball, cleaning...

I will be interested to know how the time out bag system goes. I have tried a similar thing but I think there got to be too many things in timeout that nobody cared to earn back...and the joke was on me since I was going around picking up all the stuff nobody cared about! I can't remember if I then got rid of that stuff... I hope so :)

When does school get out? We got out yesterday, I am excited for summer!!

zerry ht said...

Your beach lunch party seems quite interesting. All had an enjoyable day. It reminded me of my friend’s party arranged at one of Seattle venues. It was really awesome and she did a great job in arranging the party. That was just a memorable day for everyone.