Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Are these not the cutest bags that Emily & Eleanor made at Activity Days?

Emily's gift to Matt...
Eleanor's gift to Matt is on the right.  Noah went out to get a rock to decorate after he saw the other rocks.

Matt is always asking the kids if they want a stick or a rock for their birthdays, so the kids added a stick to the rock gifts. :-)
We took a few pictures before we left for church.

Zoe & Emily thought it was hysterical when Matt & I were sternly telling the younger kids to get in the car and then without missing a beat, we put on our smiling faces for the camera.

The young women made edible gifts for the Dads yesterday and then they handed them out today during Priesthood. Matt started a new diet today, so he passed on the treats.

Matt suggested a pot roast for dinner at my parents' house and he got it. The kids & I made place mats for Matt & my Dad.

 I hope Matt, my Dad, Steve & all the wonderful Dads I know had a great Father's Day!

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