Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Dancing in the Rain

Eleanor had a concert at her school this morning. I didn't even think to invite my Dad or my Grandmother. Sorry! Eleanor and all of her 3rd grade classmates sang several songs.
 Zoe was sweet and she let Eleanor wear her scarf.  Zoe wanted to do Eleanor's hair, but Eleanor was not up for that.
Eleanor has beautiful hair.  I'm glad she wore it down.
We listened to the 4th graders play their recorders.  Then a 4th grade boy played a guitar while singing and a 4th grade girl sang with him.  They were good!  During Zoe & Emily's concert, Eleanor decided that she wants to play the guitar.  She loved the performance of these talented 4th graders!
Eleanor was super nervous while performing, but I could tell that she had fun singing the songs.  They were fun songs!  Mrs. Birmingham did a great job picking out songs both for this performance and for the Middle School performance!  Great job singing Eleanor!

Artwork is starting to come home.  Eleanor likes to use nicknames for herself...
3 letters are a lot easier to write than 7!

This artwork from Emily has been hanging up on our wall for awhile.
I still have papers to go through from last school year!  Not many, but still!
Most of the kids went outside after school.  We had a cloudy/rainy morning and then it alternated between sun and rain showers all afternoon.  The kids were happily playing in the sunshine and then it started to rain.  Did the kids run inside?  No, they danced and laughed.  It was a beautiful sight.

I did some book organizing in our bedroom today.  I created quite a mess.  Noah confirmed this when he walked in and said, "Holy cow! Look at the mess you made!"  :-)

Emily & Eleanor made it through softball practice this evening without any rain!  I was surprised!

Kate & I went with my Mom this evening to the Weathervane to eat dinner.  We had a delightful evening.  Kate scored some bubble bath soap at Walmart.  She is excited to use it tomorrow! 
We saw 2 rainbows while we were in the car.  The second one was so perfect!  It was bright and we could see the entire rainbow.  Beautiful!   

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