Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Fun & Middle School Grades

Zach woke up missing his 1st grade teacher, Ms. Muraukas.  It sunk in this morning that he is on summer vacation and he won't be in Ms. M's class anymore.  Here is his last note that he brought home yesterday from Ms. M.

Zoe, Emily & Eleanor went hiking in Blue Hill today with Belle, Daisy, Anna, Ryder, Pat, Jen, Patrick, Eleanor & Mo.  They ate lunch at Curtis Cove and some of the kids went for a swim.  They also caught hermit crabs.  They had a great time!

Zach, Kate, Noah & I went to the park.  After lunch, the kids sprayed each other with the hose.  Then they watched "Alvin & the chipmunks Chipwrecked" and a few episodes of "Dino Dan".  Then we met up with the older girls at Pat's house to swim and have a BBQ.  Yay for heated pools.  :-)

Now the kids and Matt are watching Alvin & the chipmunks since the older girls were gone when we watched it this afternoon.

More Zach artwork...

Emily's last trimester grades...
Math ~ 90 (B)
Language Arts ~ 93 (A)
Science ~ 95 (A)
Social Studies ~ 96 (A)
Phys Ed ~ 100 (A)
Music ~ 95 (A)
Health ~ 98 (A)
Reading ~ 92 (B)

Emily's grades went up in most of her classes.  Great last trimester, Emily!

Zoe's last trimester grades...
Math ~ 99 (A)
Language Arts ~ 98 (A)
Social Studies ~ 100! (A)
Science ~ 95 (A)
Phys Ed ~ 100 (A)
Health ~ 99 (A)

Zoe did extra credit in all the classes that she could.  She wanted to get all 100s, but what she ended up with is pretty awesome!  Great work, Zoe!

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