Saturday, June 16, 2012


We lost our game this morning, so most of us thought the season was over and we were the runners-up. Not so. We played 1 more game since we hadn't lost 2 games in the playoffs yet.
This put a wrench in my plans for the afternoon. I was going to go over to the Daigle's with Kate for Lauren's birthday party, but I ended up sending Kate with a friend instead. This was fine with Kate since she wanted to go to the party without me anyway.
Both games were intense. We lost the first game by 1 run and we won the final game by 1 run!
After the game, shirts were signed
Pictures were taken
Awards were given

And we ate yummy pizza!

Great job Emily, Eleanor & all of the Rosen's!
The Lady Bucks won their game today, too! They are now the Class C State Champions!

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