Monday, June 11, 2012


Emily brought home a school paper that told a bit about herself.  She plays sports and the saxophone.  Her favorite color is blue.  She loves to play outside and she loves to read.  Her favorite animal is a wolf.  She also loves gerbils.  :-)

It was another sunny day today and Zoe & I have sunburns to prove it.  Noah made me laugh this evening when he looked at me and said, "Whoa, your face is red!  You should have used sunscreen!"  Yes, very wise 3 1/2 year old, I should have!  Kate, Noah & I spent a few hours at the park before the kids got out of school.  We had a picnic and we played.  Kate made a new friend.  She is getting very good at meeting kids around her age in public places and playing with them.

Zoe had a fun day out on a schooner, then playing mini golf, and then ending the day with ice cream.  She got back to school at 4pm, so the kids & I went to the park after school while we waited for her.  We had a brief time at home for Emily & Eleanor to get ready for their softball game.  It was an intense playoff game that we won.  :-)  We go on to play in the championship game on Saturday! 

We came home to eat a late dinner and to have a late Family Home Evening.   

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Matt said...

More proof that Magnus truly is a 32 year old man trapped in a 3 year old body.