Friday, October 26, 2007

You didn't know that?

Cindy tagged me so I get to tell you 6 things about myself that most people wouldn't know and then tag 6 people and leave a comment on their blogs. If you check out Cindy's list, I am #2,3,4,6 too. I suppose I need to come up with my own list though. I thought about going into my wild past, but I know none of you would believe that I would ever do such things so I guess the dorky side of me will have to come out.

1) I like listening to the music from "Jack's Big Music Show" and "Doodlebops" as much as my kids.

2) I like listening to talk radio. It doesn't happen very often since trying to listen to the host talk while your kids are trying to talk to you is a recipe for a very grumpy mother who has no clue what is being discussed on the show.

3) I like watching sports and if we had tv I would find watching a game quite relaxing in the evening. I actually enjoy sports more than my husband does. Go Red Sox!

4) I am not a talker. There are many days when I have to force myself to talk to my family because I get too content lost in my own thoughts. I like being quiet...unlike my children!

5) Traveling abroad does not appeal to me. I'm quite content being in this country. But having said that I do think it would be fun to visit Prince Edward Island.

6) I still like to dress up in a costume for Halloween parties. It's fun!

So I'm supposed to tag 6 people, but I'm not playing by the rules...tell us 6 things we don't know about you and then leave a comment here so I can check it out. :-)


Cindy said...

Thanks for playing along. I think it's fun getting to know more about my friends.

I find myself singing/humming Hannah Montana songs--that's what gets watched in our house alot....and I like them!

I can relate to not being able to hear the talk radio shows. I'm lucky, sometimes, if I can hear an entire phone conversation without interuptions.

I'm not a huge talker either, especially on the phone.

The only place I'd really like to go to over seas is Italy. That's becuase Chad's told me some great things about it that I'd love.

Dawn said...

GO ROCKIES!! They almost did it last night. Well, tonight they're at home!

I can't believe you're just now noticing the falls in Maine. That's the time I'd like to come out there! You're too funny.

Kris said...

That's a fun list! Have a good weekend, hope you are still surviving...