Sunday, October 28, 2007


Kate heard her first "No" this evening as she was playing with the printer cover...she would open it, I would shut it, then she would open it again. It seems like I was just going through that with Zach!

Kate is at the bumps and bruises stage. At church today she pulled herself up to standing as she held on to a table. She did good for awhile, but then she lost her balance and landed on the floor. Her mouth was bleeding and of course she was not happy! She bruised her upper gum.

Kate discovered my parents' stairs today. She would have succeeded at climbing them if she didn't have tights on that were too slippery on the hardwood floor and step.

This evening Kate was bugging her siblings as she tried to steal the toys they were playing with. This did not make them happy and they were not thrilled with the idea of having to move instead of having me pick Kate up. Personally I'm enjoying this new independent Kate! So her siblings will just have to deal with their new annoying little sister!


Kris said...

There are so many sibling adjustments along the way, aren't there! I was just talking to a friend about this the other day (her baby is just starting to crawl and his big sister is NOT happy) It sounds like Kate is really growing up!
It sounds like you had a fun weekend. Just a few more days until Matt is back!

Katie said...

She sounds just like Ella. All into doing her own thing. I can't tell you how many times she has fell and nailed her mouth on the chair in front of us at Church, and made her slef bleed. Poor babies!

LaRae said...

I wish this stage didn't last as long as it does! Our little Ben is 19 months & has a giant goose egg on his forehead right now because he feel and banged his head yesterday!

Janae said...

This stage of babyhood is HARD for me. I get so anxious and nervous when they get hurt! I love to watch their curiosity though when they are discovering. So, there is a good side of it, even if the siblings can't appreciate:)