Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday update

Let's see...what has been going on? We had an activity at our church Friday night. We ate pizza and salad and then had a financial seminar. I think most of what was said was a review for me, but a review is always helpful. The thing that keeps sticking in my mind are the definitions of needs and wants.
Needs sustain a life.
Wants sustain a lifestyle.
Can we afford the lifestyle we currently have or are we continually going into debt to maintain it?

Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor did a great job yesterday during the Primary Program...all the children did. We heard many comments about how well the children did and how much the people enjoyed it. I really didn't stress about the program until I woke up yesterday morning after having a dream about the program where everything was going wrong. In the dream we started out singing last year's songs and the dream ended with us singing songs from High School Musical (I think I've been listening to those songs too much lately). But in real life everything went pretty near perfect.

Kate is officially crawling. She can sit, then crawl, then sit again. She got into her first mischief last night. She pulled out Matt's church mail basket and almost got into the papers that were in the basket and then she discovered the paperback books that were next to the basket. So now we have Kate's toys in what used to be Matt's church mail basket and I'm still trying to decide where to put his mail.

Zoe and Emily have a half day today. When they get home, we're going next door with "the gang" to decorate Halloween cookies. I'm going to bounce back and forth from there and home to keep the laundry going.

Have a good Monday!


Kris said...

I'm glad the program went well! We had ours too.. always so entertaining. Have a good day... we're so excited to see Matt!

mindyluwho said...

Our Primary program was yesterday too...whew! It's over! We only had a couple of little glitches, but everything else went smoothly. I didn't have any dreams about it though!

Gabriela said...

the fun starts now with Kate crawling, eh? My little guy is getting close-probably another week or two. I don't think I am ready.

congrats on your program-ours isn't until Dec.