Friday, October 05, 2007

Baa Maa

Zoe and Emily have the day off from school today so we went on an adventure to Treworgy Family Orchards with our friends Jenn & Jeremy, Andrea, and Christy and their kids..."the gang". I kept where we were going a surprise all morning. At one point Emily was convinced we were going bowling and she thought that was going to be boring. Then Emily thought she saw me getting bathing suits, so we were going swimming. On the way Zoe figured we were going to the Children's museum. It's fun to hear their guesses. They were happy when we arrived at the orchard because they have been wanting to go there to go through the corn maze, which we did. The maze looks like a sheep from the sky.

There are 5 stations to go to in the maze and we miraculously found all 5 in the right order! It was also a miracle that we left the maze with all the children we went in with! It took us an hour to complete the maze. Eleanor was hungry and tired of walking at the end and Zach was getting tired of walking, but overall they all did great.

The kids also fed the goats

Zach was nervous at first, but by the time we left he was feeding the goats all by himself.

They "rode" the tractor

We had a picnic lunch and ate yummy ice cream. It was a fun day! The weather was perfect and the kids were good. The only downer for me was when Kate knocked my camera out of my hand and now it won't take any more pictures. I hope it's fixable! This is the last picture I took...

we were getting ready to go in the maze and the kids were playing with the wagons provided by the orchard.
We definitely want to go back next year!


mindyluwho said...

Wow, that's an intricate maze! Sounds like a fun day. It's about time for our annual pumkin patch visit. For years we went to the same one, but they changed owners and now it is totally different and not as quaint.

Yea about the weight loss! Bummer about the camera.

Kris said...

What a great day. It looks like perfect weather too. I hope the camera is fixable!