Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Daddy or a cat?

Checking out at the grocery store today Eleanor was telling the cashier something, but neither one of us could understand her. That turned out to be a good thing since she was telling the cashier that when her Daddy dies she'll be able to get a cat. I'm not sure the cashier would have understood the fact that we tell our children that they are never getting a cat as long as Matt is around because he hates cats, but if he dies, well then we could get a cat. I think going down the pet aisle triggered this thought in Eleanor today. BTW~Matt arrived in Utah and is alive and well. :-)

We received "Mary Poppins" in the mail today from Netflix, so the kids watched that this afternoon. I always wondered why I didn't remember much from that movie and I think it's because I lose interest about half way through. That is one long movie! Zoe and Emily really like the movie and stayed with it until the end. Eleanor did pretty well too, but Zach wasn't impressed and wanted me to read books to him.

I bought 98% fat-free Turkey hot dogs for us to eat for dinner tonight (that are only 1 point each!) and the kids did well eating them considering Zoe is the only one who likes hot dogs. I even expected Zoe to say that the hot dogs tasted different, but nobody said anything negative about them. Lately I've been giving the kids a little bit of whatever we're having for dinner and telling them that if they eat what is given them than they can have dessert. I've never been one to cook different foods to please everyone, but I do allow them to eat whatever they can get themselves or foods that are quick, but that was starting to bother Matt, so now they are expected to eat whatever is made for dinner. It is nice because they are trying more things and eating more than just bagels and cereal.


Cindy said...

Chad is allergic to cats, big time, so we tell the kids the same thing. That's funny that she was telling the cashier. Gotta love kids!

My kids are expected to eat whatever we make, too. I'm usually amazed that what I think they'll complain about; they don't and what I think they'll like; they complain about. Sometimes I think they complain, just to complain.

Katie said...

I know what you mean about the cereal. Ryan eats cereal, noodles, and lunchables EVERYDAY!! It's so boring and I dont know why he does this. He used to be on mac and cheese and raisin toast. Now he wont touch it. Kids are so funny

Dawn said...

Too funny!! Cracked me up.

About turkey productrs - when I was really seriously doing WW at your age and stage in life, I used ground turkey for everything that could be camouflaged - chili, spaghetti, etc. One day I made tacos with it and instead of filling the shells and putting them on their plates, I put the meat on the table. Kevin wondered why it looked different, so the truth came out. I kept it a secret all that time because I knew DC wouldn't like it. Well, he'd been eating it for about a year without knowing it, but now that he did, he got more angry than I've ever seen him in 35 years. You'd have thought I'd been having an affair! Funny in retrospect.