Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Lord is my Light

I fell asleep with Kate last night around 8:30, but was then awake from midnight to 2am. Laying in bed wide awake there was nothing to do but think. And thinking about our financial troubles was leading to depression. Being in the dark reminded me of an account I had recently read in the Book of Mormon where the people experience total darkness for 3 days after Christ's death. No light could be seen. I had the thought when I read this chapter that people who take their own lives must experience this darkness. A darkness that is so thick and consuming that it does not make room for hope or comfort. Making life not worth living anymore. After 3 days of darkness, the people in the Book of Mormon heard Christ's voice and one of the things he said to them was, "I am the light...". The word light must have stood out to these people in total darkness. Nothing around them could give them light and I can imagine they were craving both physical and spiritual light at this point. As I was thinking about this last night my depression started to fade and I was filled with the light of Christ. A light that gives me hope and comfort. A light that only comes from my Savior. My financial problems didn't go away, but they felt much smaller and manageable surrounded by this light. And I was able to go back to sleep.

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Courtney said...

you are so inspiring. (did I spell that right?)