Monday, October 08, 2007


We had a busy, uplifting weekend. I thought all the sessions of General Conference had great talks and music. On Saturday, we fit in soccer practice for Emily and a soccer game for Zoe before conference and a birthday party next door for Hayden and Connor in between sessions. I was happy that we were able to fit everything I need to hear the talks again about over scheduling??? I actually think we do okay with our scheduling. Saturdays can get busy, but the majority of nights during the week the kids and I are home. Matt thinks we are busy and I can understand that since he is the one away from home the most.

I always love hearing from our prophet, President Hinckley. I'm glad he is still active and still has his sense of humor at the age of 97! It brought tears to my eyes to see Elder Wirthlin talk. I was glad when Elder Nelson stood up beside him to support him. It took great strength from Elder Wirthlin to finish his talk. He is a great example. I really enjoy our new General Relief Society President, Sister Beck. The two talks she has given in the last few weeks have been inspirational and motivating. I look forward to reading her talks again and hearing from her in the future.

We went over to my parents' home yesterday in between sessions for a delicious ham dinner. Then we watched the final session at their house. I'm sure it made them appreciate the 3 childless sessions they watched! The kids had had enough of conference by then and they were bouncing off the walls. I caught myself envying those who could actually hear everything that was being said in a quiet environment...and I'm sure some of those people were wishing for some little ones to tend to.

My parents are on a plane to North Carolina right now to visit my sister and her family. Matt brought them to the airport this morning. We laughed that my Mom woke him up at 3:30 this morning with a phone call to tell him he didn't need to wake up as early as he planned because their flight was leaving later than planned. I was already awake at 3:30 feeding Kate, so the phone call didn't bother me. :-)


mindyluwho said...

My kids are finally old enough that I can actually enjoy a conference session with minor inturruption. The frustration now is that it's my older ones I have to shush!

Kris said...

That sounds like a great weekend!