Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beauty all around

I've lived in Maine almost 33 years now and I think this Fall season has been the first that I have truly noticed the beauty of the Autumn leaves. I have always been a summer fan, so I think in the past when summer was over and Fall was here, it bummed me out because it was getting colder and the dreaded winter was coming. I focused on the weather. The older I get, the more I love the Fall season and I am so thankful to live in such a beautiful place this time of year! The colors of the leaves are now gold, yellow, brown, and maroon and I enjoy looking at them as I drive around.

We went to Walmart this afternoon because I thought Zach was getting low on diapers, but after returning home I realized that it was Kate who is getting low on diapers. Dang! If I was the type of person who saved everything I would still have the receipt to do an exchange, but I'm not and I don't. Oh well, at least Kate can wear Zach's diapers if we completely run out.

Matt will be proud to know that I stopped at Exxon today to buy gas instead of Irving. Our town's newly re-opened Exxon now has full service at self service prices and this came in handy today when I had cash and didn't have to leave 3 sleeping kids in the car to go in the store to pay for the gas...I mean get 3 sleeping kids out of the car to pay for the gas.

My Mom treated the kids and I to kids night at the Ground Round this evening. Kids night is great because the kids' meals are cheap and our table noise blends in with the rest. Kate had her first experience with the "balloon man" and her reaction was to panic for a second and then keep looking at me to make sure this weird guy wasn't going to take her away. She actually did better than Zach used to when he was in the high chair. Zach would cry and insist on getting out of the high chair to sit with me. But tonight Zach enjoyed the "balloon man" and the dinosaur balloon he got. Zoe got a flower balloon, Emily got a butterfly balloon, and Eleanor got a rabbit balloon. Eleanor refused to eat until she had a balloon and Zach stopped eating as soon as he got his. The food was delicious as always and there were no tears the entire time...even when Zach spilled my water all over Zoe. There were tears however after we got home when Eleanor's balloon came undone. Zoe & I fixed it the best we could and I drew on 2 more eyes and eyelashes since the other eyes disappeared. Then Eleanor noticed that the belly button was now on the back of the rabbit, so Zoe did some more twisting and made the rabbit look like it is laying on it's side. Acceptable. Eleanor was now willing to go to bed. Survival of day 2 complete.


Phae-Jae said...

I'm glad you are getting through your temporarily "single" time!

I bet Maine IS beautiful in the fall. Fall doesn't last long here, and it doesn't snow much in the winter. Every few years we will get several days of snow, and we love it!

The balloon man sounds fun:)

Kris said...

I'm glad you got to out to eat, that sounds fun - and that you're enjoying the fall! I have been really appreciating how pretty it is here too - I've been wondering if I don't always notice, or it isn't always this pretty, or that I just forget from year to year?

LaRae said...

Oh how I would love to see those leaves! We get fall around December here, and the leaves usually just turn yellow & then fall off the trees. BORING!