Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No good deed goes unpunished

The kids and I have been taking care of my Mom's cat, Fluffy, while my parents have been visiting my sister. We go over to my parents' home once a day to feed Fluffy and clean out her litter box. She is an old cat and reminds me of a grouchy old woman. The kids feel bad that she is alone so much and try to pet her and love her, but she hisses at them and tries to bite them in return. She will however let me pet her and she purrs when I do. It's funny how her personality changes from the kids to me. She sits in my Mom's chair and just glares at the kids (who would love to have a pet of their own and get so excited when they are near Fluffy), but turns into a loving cat when I'm around.

Now a word about Emily and homework. Emily is not as concerned about homework as Zoe and it's an adjustment for me. She'll do her homework...when I tell her to, but then she'll leave it on the table or on the washer where I found it this morning after she had left for school and she was supposed to hand it in today. I noticed that the back page of the homework wasn't done which made me wonder why she told me it was done this weekend when it wasn't. After school I asked her if she forgot something today. She said no and then I mentioned her homework.
Emily: "It's not due back until Monday."
Me: "Today is Monday. it was due back today."
Emily: "Oh"
Me: "I noticed the back page of your homework wasn't done."
Emily: "Oh yeah! That's why I didn't bring my homework back today"...clearly making things up as we go along. It was a good reminder to me that Emily is different than Zoe and younger so I need to be more on the ball making sure she is doing her homework and getting it back to school.

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Kris said...

Hi Joey,
I'm just catching up on your blog from the weekend. I hope everything goes well with the primary program. Ours is next Sunday too. Hopefully Leif will do his part this year, unlike last year - that's what I'm most curious to see.
I know that feeling of lying awake worrying about money (or whatever is worrisome at the time...) things always seem so much worse at 2 am!
It sounds like it was a busy weekend as usual, but fun! Emily sounds like a lot like Savannah with her homework.. that makes me laugh. Thanks for the updates.. have a good day.