Thursday, October 11, 2007

This is too easy

We had another successful night with no binky. :-) Zach went to bed crying, but that was because he kept getting away from me when I tried putting his pajamas on, so I just put him in his crib with only a diaper on. I was tired by then and listening to him cry took less energy than wrestling with him. I had taken the kids to Zoe's practice, but it was misting out and Zoe was the only kid to show up besides the coach and her daughter. So we were there long enough for the kids to get soaked, dirty, and grassy (the grass had just been mowed before the mist and practice). I was on my own for baths, bedtime and finishing up homework. Let's just say I wasn't the happiest Mom by the time the kids went to bed. So, I put Zach to bed, apologized to the girls for having to listen to Zach cry and told them that they could put his pajamas on if they wanted to. They did take matters into their own hands and Zoe came out a few minutes later asking for Zach's binky (Zach had stopped crying at this point). I told her that Zach no longer has a binky and her look of horror was quite amusing. I think she took the news harder than Zach did. She went back into the bedroom and she and Emily gave Zach some stuffed animals to take to bed...and I never heard from them again. Zach woke up fine this morning. Maybe he wasn't as attached to his binky as we thought he was.


Kris said...

That's funny about Zoe. I think that's happened with my kids too, when I think something is going to be this huge adjustment for them and a couple of days later it's like they've already forgotten all about it. I am definitely slower to adapt!

Dawn said...

Catching up on the last few days - your courtship was shorter than ours! Wow. Lots of important things on October 9. Happy First Date Anniversary. Congrats on no more binky! One more to go, huh?

Elozia Marie said...

What a sweet sister to be so nurturing!