Friday, October 26, 2007

Just me and Kate

Kate & I went on a field trip with Emily this afternoon to the Fire station and the creative playground. I was afraid it was going to be a nasty day today, but it turned out to be beautiful. It was funny to see all the boys in Emily's class hovering near everything at the fire station that was talked about and asking TONS of questions! Emily tried to see things, but she was usually in the back behind the boys. I think some of the girls weren't interested at all and some of the girls got tired of the boys asking question after question after question. Emily can now say that she has been on a fire truck and she saw a truck shoot water. We walked to the playground and the kids recited a poem they know about leaves as we walked through a pile of them. When we got back to the school, Emily's class got together with their 4th grade reading buddies, so I listened to Emily read. I think Emily might have a crush on the 4th grade boy who is her buddy. As she was leaving she was sad and said she misses her buddy already. I couldn't believe how big the 4th grade class looked! Do they really change that much from 3rd grade to 4th grade?

I think we are ready for Halloween! We dug out the Halloween boxes at my parents' house this afternoon. Zoe is going to be a cat (although she doesn't like the cat ears that Mom and I came up with...they were red devil ears that Mom put black socks over to make them cat ears that we will attach to a headband with an elastic, worked for us!), Emily is going to be a witch, Eleanor will be a dancing witch and she has agreed to wear a witch hat, which I think will complete the outfit, Zach will be a bear, and Kate is going to be a pumpkin. Everybody has everything they need and we are set for another year. :-)

Kate and I are home alone! My wonderful mother is keeping the kids overnight at her house. Kate and I are going to watch the movie "Gracie" and enjoy the quiet. :-)


Dawn said...

Alo0ne and Quiet are two of my favorite things.

And yes, the difference between 3rd and 4th grade is dramatic!

LaRae said...

I got to go on a field trip to the fire station this month too & can also say that now I have been on a fire truck as has my kindergartner, Lacey.

What is it about going fom 3rd to 4th grade? My Katie is a new 4th grader & she does seem so much older this year! Our school does reading buddies! I think it is such a sweet little tradition.