Thursday, August 03, 2006

Forgetting something?

It's much more helpful to me when I make macaroni and cheese for there to be a cheese packet included in the box.
A fun day at a local fair was had by our kids the other day. The day went better than I had expected, which was nice. The rides are always the best part of the fair.

Zach was very good about sitting in his stroller.

Zach and Eleanor were exhausted when we got home!


Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by! Looks like a fun, exhausting day at the fair. I see the cast is off Zach's leg. That's good!

Ashley Lasbury said...

Hi Maine Mom! We live in the same state...I was wondering if there were any other bloggin' mommas in Maine!

My folks live in Belfast and I've been to Bucksport many a time.

And my 11 year old daughter's name is Eleanor!