Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oldest for the night

Zoe and Emily are staying at my parents' home tonight. That gives Eleanor free reign over her older sisters' toys! She has been in heaven. I could have skipped the Barbie play...actually I did because I needed to go water my newly planted wild flower seeds (that I have little faith will grow) so Matt played Barbies with Eleanor. That is one reason why Matt is the BEST husband ever.
Now it is 9:25pm and Eleanor has been to bed twice. The first time I got her out of bed because she was crying and said she wasn't tired, so I figured we could let her play a little longer and tire herself out. Well, I put her to bed at 9pm and she cried, but I said goodnight and left her bedroom. A few seconds later I hear a thump, and Eleanor comes walking into the living room. Hmmm...the crib confines her no more...I guess there is a positive side to this...we could put Zach in the crib now and move him out of our room :-)

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Nettie said...

Your husband plays Barbies? What a dad!