Monday, May 08, 2006

My Life Monday

I am participating in a new blog series called "My Life Monday" created by Rachelle. Today's topic is My Most Memorable Childhood Experience. For me, that would be running cross country in 5th grade and earning the right to wear the red gym suit.
As a kid I went to the same school from Kindergarten through 8th grade. When I got to 5th grade, I could participate in the cross-country program and I was so excited! I wanted to earn a red gym suit that the top 10 runners would wear to school on the day of the meets. They looked so comfortable and they let everyone know that you were good at running. At the meets, everyone who placed in the top 20 received a ribbon. All the runners would sit together and wait for the top 20 names to be called. I was so happy and surprised when I placed 18th during my first meet and got a ribbon. I got a ribbon at most of the meets and I really enjoyed running. I got better and better as the season went on. My best meet was when I came in 10th place. I was so excited to show off my 10th place ribbon... and I earned the red suit as a 5th grader. I was the happiest kid alive! I wore my red suit with pride to school the next time we had a meet. Not long after this though, I was running in a meet and I stepped on a rock. My foot hurt and I couldn't run fast, I came in 31st that first meet without a ribbon. The coach and my dad looked at my foot, but it wasn't swollen, it looked fine. This is where my memory ends with running. I'm pretty sure I finished out the season. I complained often that my foot hurt when I walked on it, but it looked fine so my parents ignored my complaining. FINALLY, after about 6 months of talking about my foot hurting, my mom took me to see a doctor. I remember her saying something to the fact that we would go to the doctor, but they wouldn't find anything wrong with my foot. Well, to my parents' surprise, I had an extra bone in my foot...and I had broken it. I would have to have surgery to have the bone removed because it wouldn't heal on its own. My running days ended when the doctor said no more running because I had an extra bone in my other foot as well (still do) and if I broke it, I would be in another surgery. And my parents and I listened to him...which is one of my biggest regrets in life. I should have taken the chance...but then again I wasn't paying for these surgeries was I??? I loved running and I was good, but it was short-lived.


Nettie said...

A fun story with a sad ending. Of course, its never to late to run. Have you thought of going back to it now? Just don't step on any rocks! Thank you for sharing! This will be a fun way to get to know you better.

Rachelle said...

What a sad ending! Have you tried running again? I'm sad you missed doing something you liked. Thanks for participating!

Unknown said...

I'm into aerobics now...there's no red suit to run for anymore.