Friday, May 26, 2006

Charlotte's Web

Zoe's class just recently finished reading Charlotte's Web together. All the kids received a copy of the book and they would read along in their books as their teacher read to them. So, this afternoon the 1st grade classes went to our local theater to watch the movie, and I went along. I don't know what it is with these fieldtrip bus rides and the subject of boys coming up... today one of Zoe's classmates, who is a girl, turned around to talk to Zoe and she mentioned to me that the boys in their class like Zoe. I inquired who exactly liked her and the girl named three boys, but then she said that Zoe didn't like any of them, she liked another boy. Later on I asked Zoe who this boy is she apparently likes and she claimed she didn't know the boy. Soon after, the movie started and we enjoyed our popcorn and the show.

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Lei said...

What a fun meme!