Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Emily!

We have another school-aged child in our house now. Emily turned 5 today and she will start Kindergarten in the fall. It's weird to think of only having Eleanor and Zach at home with me...well I can push that thought into the back of my mind for a few more months...
I took the kids to storytime today at our local library. Before it started, I told the librarian it was Emily's birthday. After she read a birthday book, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Emily as she smiled shyly...I know she was lovin' it though!

The birthday princess received a new crown today.

We had a party at my parent's home this evening. A few friends of ours and their children came over to celebrate with us. Poor Eleanor had it in her head that it was her birthday. A few times she was on the verge of tears because she wanted the presents and she just insisted it was "MY birthday". An almost 3 year old just doesn't understand the concept of "12 more days and it will be YOUR birthday". Luckily for us though, Eleanor is very easy going and she would get over these moments quickly.

I have been reading some blogs lately where the moms have been showing some awesome cakes that they have made, but I prefer our local grocery store bakery to do the work for me. I ordered the princess figures through Birthday Express and added them to the cake.

Emily had a cake like this on her 3rd birthday when we were in Utah, and she loved her princess figures...but when she went through a hitting/biting/do anything to hurt Zoe stage awhile back(and Zoe went through the same stage at the same time wanting to hurt Emily)I started throwing toys away as a consequence to their madness and the princess figures were included. So today Emily informed my mother that she was going to hide these princesses so I wouldn't find them. Zoe and Emily either outgrew the "I'm going to hurt you!" phase or they got tired of losing their toys because they are very nice to each other now...the majority of the time.

Emily had a great time at her birthday party! I tried to make sure she got the presents she asked for that were similar to what Zoe received so she wouldn't get upset that Zoe got something better than she did,and I guess I succeded...whew!


Nettie said...

Happy Birthday, Emily! Isn't it amazing the lengths we go to in getting them to get along and feel they are all treated fairly?

Lei said...

Good job, Mom! Looks like it was fun... and happy b-day Emily!!!

momofalltrades said...

I love your cake! You one smart momma! LOL Have a Happy Birthday, Emily!

Cindy said...

She's beautiful! You've done a great job!