Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Eleanor

I wanted Eleanor to stay two forever. She has been such a sweet, loving, fun 2 year old. But that day comes when we turn a year older. Eleanor turned 3 yesterday.

She woke up yesterday in a good mood. When I told her it was her birthday she replied excitedly, "it's my birthday? Wow! That's cool!" She has been looking forward to her birthday since Emily's birthday on May 3rd. It was a celebration throughout the day. She has been so anxious and excited for her birthday, I couldn't make her wait until the evening to open all of her presents. She opened a box full of Kelly Barbies in the morning and she had fun playing with them for awhile with Emily. She was very good about sharing her toys, even with her sisters that refused to let her touch anything on their birthdays. My dad came over later on in the morning to see Eleanor since he would be at work when we had her party. He brought over one of the gifts from him and my mom. A Dora magna doodle and book...here is Zach testing it out to see if it's worth keeping.

We went to pick up the cake in the afternoon. That was challenging since by that time, Emily was getting tired of the attention Eleanor was getting for her birthday. It wasn't easy getting Emily into the car and into the grocery store, but I did it... by making her think I was going to leave her at home and then in the car by herself. I knew she wouldn't like that.
When we got home, I checked the mail and there was a package from Matt's parents for Eleanor. She wanted to open it so I let her. She had so much fun opening the presents...Emily decided it was time to check out for awhile.

When Matt and my mom arrived from work, we ate dinner and then it was party time. You will notice a theme in the following pictures...DORA!

Eleanor joined in the singing to herself.

What fun we had celebrating with Eleanor! I hope year number 3 is as wonderful as year number 2 has been.
Now the birthday fun for our children has come to an end for another year.


Alicia said...

She's so cute! Happy Birthday Eleanor!

I LOVE that red chair!

Rachelle said...

What cute pics. I love her chair. Happy Birthday Eleanor!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Eleanor! Dora is a consistent theme with 2-3 year olds it seems. Fiesty got Dora stuff for her b-day, too!

I saw that you tagged me for that meme. I'll try to do it tomorrow. Haven't been on the computer much the last week! :-)

Nettie said...

Happy Birthday, Eleanor! You're a cutie!

Doug said...

Eleanor sure is cute! I'm glad to hear that not all 2-year-old girls are hellions. Because from where I'm sitting, I'm having some serious doubts.