Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mother's Day

I had a very nice Mother's Day, so I need to tell you about it. It started at 5:29am when Eleanor woke up and wanted me to read her a book. So being the good mother I am I said..."NO! Go back to sleep!"...she did.
We went to church and during Sacrament meeting, the children sang "I often go walking". Eleanor marched right up to the front with her sisters. She didn't know the words to the song, but she enjoyed standing with the children as they sang. I love hearing the children sing, it was a highlight of my day.
The men sang the closing song, "Love at Home". They should sing to us more often. It was very nice.
Our family spent the afternoon with my parents at their home, which is where we usually are on Sunday afternoon. That is always nice.

I received nice homemade gifts from my children, the best kind right? In Primary, we took pictures of the children and had them make a paper frame to put their picture on. We put magnets on the back. Here are my two pictures from Zoe and Emily that are on my fridge.

In school, Zoe made me a bookmark. I used it yesterday and I LOVED looking at her picture as I read.

In nursery, Eleanor's teacher had made a card for me and she helped Eleanor sign it. Her teacher also gave me a couple of framed pictures. That was so sweet of her!

I love spending time with my children and family. That was the BEST present of all.


Kristen said...

I agree. Spending time with the family is the best of all.

Those cards and bookmark are precious. Home made cards are the best. :-)

Nettie said...

I'm glad you had such a good Mother's Day!

Grammy said...

That sounds like a wonderful Mothers' Day. I love the little homemade gifts and I envy you living close to your parents. I never did, nor do my children live close to me. I miss them and their kids more than I can say.