Sunday, July 15, 2012

Picture Post

Noah enjoying the sunshine and bubbles.

Having fun at Ian's birthday party! 
 How often do you get a present at someone else's party? 
 We love being recipients of Sunshine's sewing talent!  Ian received the same awesome blanket! 
 Look at the awesome dragon pinata that Ian's Grandma & Mom made!
 Fun frog toy!
After the party, we went to Brooklin to visit Zoe & the Bairds. 

 We did a bit of rock descending to get to the water.
 Noah going to retrieve his flip flop.  He did end up losing one in the mud, so he left with one flip flop.
 Zach discovered that he loves to kayak!

 It was fun for the kids to practice in the shallow water.
Eleanor & Millie have bonded.

Emily & Eleanor wore their new skirts to church today that they made on Wednesday night.  I bought them new shirts to go with them.  :-)

Matt got stung by a wasp this morning in our house.  Everything comes in threes, so now I am waiting for one more person to get stung.  :-(


Martie said...

I LOVE the bubble pictures!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Martie. :-)