Saturday, July 07, 2012

Birthday Eve

This was Noah's last day being 3! I tried to convince him to stay 3 forever, but he really wants to be 4. He's willing to stay 4 forever, though. This morning was spent getting things done. I got things ready for Sharing Time. Matt mowed the lawn and went to the dump with Eleanor. Zoe did some cleaning for my Mom. Emily, however left with Ansley & Daisy to go have fun at the water park in Trenton.
Matt took Zoe canoeing this afternoon. Zoe was proud of the big bass that she caught. :-) I took the 4 younger kids swimming at the pool. Then I picked up Noah's birthday cake and brought it over to my parents' house for tomorrow. Zoe & Aly had decorated this morning for Noah's party. Noah looked at his presents that were set out and he got excited to see his little box from Grandpa & Grandma. We received the box on Tuesday and Noah insisted on bringing it to the parade Wednesday morning. I told him he could bring it in the car, which he did. He brought the box into my parents' house after the parade and it has been there ever since. He also received a bigger box from Grandpa & Grandma, but he didn't latch onto it like the smaller box. Noah is going to have a long day at church tomorrow as he thinks about the presents waiting to be opened in the afternoon and the cake to be eaten!
Zoe is understandably upset that her iPod is still missing. Matt took apart the front console in the Yukon, but he didn't see an iPod. We still haven't checked the back of the Yukon, so there is a little bit of hope.
My Mom burned her hand on her stove this evening! Her hand is red and blistering and hurts really bad. She could be at the ER right now getting it looked at. Matt went over to give her a Priesthood blessing with my Dad. He also brought over burn cream and bandages that we had leftover from Noah. We didn't have the stronger pain medicine for my Mom, though, so we encouraged her to go to the ER.

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