Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Down Day

We are having a low key day today. Eleanor went to play with Anna for a few hours this morning at Anna's Grandmother's house. They went swimming and enjoyed playing games in the pool. The rest of us stopped at the library and now we are all at my parents' house to see Phil & Aly. The kids are watching "The Lion King" with Aly. No surprise there, Aly LOVES The Lion King!

Zoe called and she is doing well. They had a beach day yesterday and she is babysitting at the home today.

Emily let me borrow her kindle, so I started reading The Hunger Games today.  I avoided reading this series because I know it is going to be really good and I'm going to want to read, read, read until I am done with the 3rd book.  Zoe has read the series twice.  I see neglecting housework and sleep in my future!

 Matt is going to come home early to watch the younger kids while I take Emily & Eleanor to Activity Days. They are making skirts, so they need extra time to sew. Sewing projects always take longer than expected!

Here are beach photos from yesterday...
Annie spotted a leach in the water!
Zach & Noah became attached to some big rocks.
With life jackets on the younger kids, we swam to the big rock to climb and jump off. There is also another rock that is under the water that the kids swam to and stood on in the deep water.
Crayfish, crawfish or crawdad...whatever you call it, here it is!
Noah loves his new life jacket!

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